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Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Border Crossers Destroying Farmland, Threatening U.S. Food Supply

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington interviewed by Mike Adams as trump is INDICTED by weaponized DOJ

Why there’s no actual evidence supporting the benefits of transgender drugs, surgeries

There are Now 250 “Out-of-Control” Fires in Canada, Here’s Why Some Say It’s All ‘Planned’

JUST-IN: Mel Gibson and Tim Ballard Reportedly Involved in 4-Part Docuseries on Global Child Sex Trafficking in Ukraine and Elsewhere

Conservative AI Chatbot ‘GIPPR’ Shut Down by ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI

Backlash As Air Force Tweets Image Of Solider SALUTING LGBTQ+ Flag

Biden Administration Censors Disclosure Of 2020 Election Censorship Documents

The success of Canada’s first ever LGBT ‘pride’ school walkout signals hope for the future

Should Christians Declare A State Of Emergency, Too?

Yuval Noah Harari: Earth Soon Dominated by Nonorganic Entities & Emotionless Algorithms Will Decide Your Fate

Poland and Baltics could join war if Ukraine isn’t offered pathway to NATO membership next month, former NATO chief warns

Disney Learned Nothing from Target, Pushes 'Pride' Items for Babies Younger Than 3 Months

Patrick Moore: Carbon dioxide is the building block of all life on Earth

Move over American flag. Now U.S. troops salute 'rainbow flag'

WSJ uncovers “Pizzagate” pedophile network…

Exclusive: Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Is Being Tortured in DC Gulag Following Conviction – Allegedly at the Orders of Anti-Trump Deputy Warden Landerkin

Acoustic Levitation Today

FBI helps Ukraine censor Twitter users and obtain their info, including journalists

Breaking! Foreign National Who Allegedly Sent ‘Substantial Bribe’ To Joe Biden Is Ukrainian

Smoke Sends US Northeast Solar Power Plunging by 50% as Wildfires Rage in Canada

Indictment of President Trump sets off talk of "revolution" against tyrannical government regime

Americans Pull $472,000,000,000 Out of US Banks in Three Months As Depositors Exit in Historic Numbers

Major hotelier abandoning San Francisco properties, says city's 'path to recovery remains clouded'

OUTRAGEOUS: Supreme Court Orders Race-Based Redistricting -Two States Must Now Create New Black Majority (Democrat) Congressional Seats – Clarence Thomas Issues Blistering 50-Page Dissent

“UFO Crashes” in Las Vegas: Police Bodycam Captures Mysterious Event as Residents Report Encounter with “Non-Human Beings” (VIDEO)

‘He started stabbing the little ones’ – Syrian migrant stabs 7 very young children in French park, at least 2 in critical condition

Dr. Ed Group from GHC unpacks the biowarfare mechanisms now targeting humanity

Oregon’s Wallowa County votes for ‘Greater Idaho’ talks, Crook County schedules vote

First Leg of AFU's Offensive Has Begun

Fury over ‘forever chemicals’ as US states spread toxic sewage sludge

RFK Jr: Border Hospitals Packed with Pregnant Migrants, Forcing American Women to Delay Deliveries

INSANE MSNBC Segment Insists Parent Organizations Are Hate Groups

WHO makes bombshell announcement launching ‘digital health certification network’: Will the ‘mark’ soon be foisted upon the people of the world?

Genetically Engineered Salad Greens Coming to Grocery Stores — and They Won’t Be Labeled

LGBT-pushing leftists now say MUSLIMS are bigots and white supremacists for wanting to protect their children from groomers

“There Is A Sophisticated Disinformation Campaign Targeting The U.S. Populace Which Is Extremely Unethical And Immoral”

Missouri v. Biden might be most important legal case in U.S. history

Genetically Engineered Salad Greens Coming to Grocery Stores — and They Won’t Be Labeled


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